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Top 10 Content Marketing Solution Companies 2016

The conventional marketing techniques such as e-mail marketing, banner adver­tisements, and pop-up advertisements having no alignment with the customer interests are nothing but futile marketing efforts to­day. Curated content, which will deeply engage the existing customers as well as draw new ones is the need of the hour.

Content marketing, an encompasment of curated content is a strategic marketing approach to create and distribute valuable, relevant and consistent information to attract and retain a well-defined audience. Gathering relevant keywords that trend in SEO world, creating content around the keywords, and finally distributing the content across various channels that range from social media platforms to online blogs, are the key steps in content marketing. However, many companies find it difficult to zero in on an apt solution that that would translate their marketing efforts into prospective sales.

To help organizations in navigating the challeng­es of content marketing, Marketing Tech Outlook presents a special edition on content marketing solution providers. A distinguished panel compris­ing of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, analysts including editorial board has decided the ‘Top 10 Content Marketing Solutions Providers 2016' in the U.S.

The companies featured in this list provide a look into how their solutions work in real time so that you gain a comprehensive understanding of the technologies which are available, the ones which are right for you, and how they shape up against competition.

We present to you Top 10 Content Marketing Solution Providers 2016.

    Top Content Marketing Solution Companies

  • Provides software platform to help organizations in developing amazing content

  • A complete content marketing, services and software solution provider to accelerate sales

  • A software provider for businesses to deliver simple and elegant email marketing to generate highest ROI for marketers

  • Contently is a technology company that helps brands create great content at scale

  • Connects digital commerce and digital marketing to help organizations create unique digital experiences for their customers, with measurable business results

  • Empowers B2B marketers to deliver a compelling, consistent customer experience by aligning content, people, and programs from first touch through sale to advocacy

  • Provides digital marketing software and solutions to help marketers master the art and science of digital marketing

  • Provides web content management system for higher education, government agencies, and business organizations

  • Provides a next-gen advertising technology platform that fuses the science of programmatic targeting, distribution and optimization with the art of content marketing

  • A content marketing platform to create the ultimate curated database of influencers with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and big data