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Top 10 Content Marketing Solution Companies 2017

As the world becomes increasingly digital and interconnected, brands and marketers are adopting innovative content marketing strategies to allure prospective customers and enhance their sales. The growing competition in the marketing arena is compelling content marketers to be more creative, deliver real-time content based on behavioral patterns and make it visually engaging. With advent of innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, IoT, virtual reality, and mobility, content marketing has reached a whole new level.

Rethinking content marketing has become most crucial today for enterprises in order to drive more traffic, generate leads, increase audience engagement, create targeted content, and enhance revenue. With brands, marketers, and enterprises looking for ways to make marketing more effective, there are manifold vendors offering innovative solutions and services to optimize the art of content marketing. However, the solutions are diverse in nature and the best combination of technologies needs to be implemented to drive success. In the last few months, a distinguished panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs and analysts and the Marketing Tech Outlook editorial board has reviewed the top companies in the content marketing domain, and selected the ones at the forefront of tackling the industry challenges.

The companies featured in this issue have manifested profound business process knowledge, along with in-depth, integrated, and innovative strategies in the content marketing arena. The listing offers a look into how these solutions work in the real world so that organizations can gain a comprehensive understanding of the available technologies and how they add value to their enterprise.

In this edition of Marketing Tech Outlook, we present to you the Top 10 Content Marketing Solution Providers 2017.

    Top Content Marketing Solution Companies

  • A SaaS platform enabling organizations to understand their customers and drive better sales and marketing.

  • Helps enterprise companies create results-driven content by providing them with smart technology, vetted creative talent, and proven expertise.

  • engageSimply Programmatic Plus is a programmatic content marketing platform that leverages integrated technology, analytics, and real time data to target topic-engaged audiences in real time.

  • A full service content marketing agency focused on expanding the visibility of clients to generate leads.

  • Provides a complete web and mobile platform for content inspiration, creation, sourcing, management, distribution, and measurement.

  • Captains of Industry

    Captains of Industry

    A creative content marketing agency that works with challenger brands to solve tough communications challenges in unconventional ways.

  • Curata


    Provides a content marketing platform and content curation software to enable marketers yield a more predictable and successful stream of content.

  • Kapost


    Powers B2B marketers to deliver a compelling, consistent customer experience by aligning content, people, and programs from first touch through sale to advocacy.

  • NewsCred


    Provides content marketing software for marketers to orchestrate their marketing across channels, collaborate with global teams, build brand awareness, and drive sales.

  • Skyword


    Provides content marketing software for marketers to manage freelancers and an ongoing content program.