Brandpoint: Content that Connects Brands and Consumers

Scott Severson, President, BrandpointScott Severson, President
Your content has to make an authentic connection with your audience,” asserts Scott Severson, best known as a passionate advocate of digital content marketing. As the President of Brandpoint, Severson believes that quality content should connect audiences and brands on a personal level, and simultaneously inspire, educate, and entertain its audience. However, today’s increasing signal-to-noise ratio is making it more difficult for content marketers to filter out the digital noise to have a meaningful flow of information to their audiences. Moreover, many marketers are using legacy technologies and tools for their content marketing efforts, resulting in a huge efficiency problem. This is where Brandpoint comes in. The Minnesota company delivers content marketing services, including content strategy, development, and distribution, enabling brands, marketing, and PR agencies to achieve more publicity and media placements.

Today, Brandpoint is now managing the entire content marketing lifecycle with their purpose-built content marketing software BrandpointHUB. Launched in 2015, BrandpointHUB delivers content transparency and accountability, from initial idea generation and content creation to the publishing of customer-centric messaging. “Everyone gets a shared view of the editorial calendar and everyone can see where the content is in the established workflow. It creates one source of truth,” states Severson. The software has robust out of the box features and allows users to customize their workflow and publishing rules for each type of content they produce– from blogs and whitepapers to social media posts and more.

The software ties all Brandpoint services together—from content marketing and syndication to publishing and strategizing—and provides one convenient access point for clients.

BrandpointHUB manages your entire content marketing practice, from ideation to publishing, so you can save time and money

Users with Premium subscriptions can also consolidate and control their entire content marketing practice across contributors. For those with an existing project management process, BrandpointHUB can be used alongside the preferred tool to further increase a team’s productivity. Unlike project management software where work is performed outside the tool, work is produced, reviewed, stored and distributed from within BrandpointHUB. The closed-loop system also allows better compliance to legal or internal governance rules.

Offering the most flexible and personalized services in the content marketing landscape, Brandpoint works with some of the world’s best brands and agencies and is dedicated to continuing to meet and exceed their clients’ dynamic business needs. “Innovation is one of our core values. All of our employees have a unique lens through which they view our business, and we actively solicit and act on their ideas,” states Severson.

It is this approach that helps Brandpoint deliver consistent result for their clients. According to Pennsylvania-based Erie Insurance’s Senior Content Development Specialist, “Brandpoint definitely helped us rethink how we create content,” resulting in a 97 percent increase in organic traffic period over period. Providing robust content for their website along with content amplification services helped Erie Insurance raise brand awareness and drive top-of-funnel consideration for their products.

In the future, Brandpoint is dedicated to continuously working to improve BrandpointHUB. “Today, we have an excellent content marketing platform. Our goal is to continue making improvements so that our customers can generate more content, more traffic and more leads,” concludes Severson.