Acrolinx: Next-Generation Content Optimization

CIO VendorDr. Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder & CEO
The advanced linguistic analytics tools and technologies help in extracting deep valuable insight by categorizing documents, extracting facts, and understanding document meaning—all from a single interface. Content optimization linguistic tools that help companies create more effective content are driving businesses forward to serve the new generation customers and establish a better brand presence. Built on an advanced linguistic analytics engine, Acrolinx, a computer software firm, provides a platform that helps various brands create amazing content—on-brand, on-target, and at scale. Acrolinx software leverages artificial intelligence (AI) to examine and improve written content, such as websites, blog articles, and technical documentation.

The company’s platform for marketing users includes a Guidance Wizard that can read existing content from a broad assortment of marketing material and generate a unique language profile within the software. As marketing teams author new content, Acrolinx software compares it with desired corporate standards, and guides the writers to make improvements to create appealing, pleasant, and impactful content. The platform's user interface (UI) includes a sidebar that integrates with software, such as Microsoft Word and Google Docs, in order to help writers continue with their current workflows. Additionally, the sidebar works as a writing instructor, assisting authors to develop the distinction and technique of their unique content.

Anchoring itself to the reconciliation zone in today’s complex content marketing environment, the Acrolinx Engine supports a wide range of language rule sets for different use cases, like Simplified Technical English. The new marketing rule set evaluates content against multifaceted guidelines that are unique to marketing content. “Modern marketing teams need to produce massive amounts of content, but many struggle with scale and agility,” explains Andrew Bredenkamp, Founder and CEO, Acrolinx.

Our new offering helps them keep up with the insatiable demand for new content without sacrificing quality and hurting their brand

“Our new offering helps them keep up with the insatiable demand for new content without sacrificing quality and hurting their brand.” Organizations get to see a wholesome view of their content scores in the Acrolinx Scorecard. Content with a higher Acrolinx Score has proven to augment brand trust, conversion rates, and goal to purchase.

In one instance, the renowned enterprise software firm, SAP was facing the challenge of assuring the quality of their product information and content that varied widely. The organization’s customers often viewed their content as disjoint and inconsistent. This was a result of the presence of their multifaceted employees around the world who created content in two source languages—English and German— often in the same document. SAP needed to establish a standard to allow their content to speak with one voice. The organization approached Acrolinx, who empowered them with platform that automatically checks content for terminology, spelling, grammar, and style, while educating writers on ways to refine their style of writing. The resulting content was more comprehensible, and reliable—without any discrepancies. “We introduced Acrolinx because this product offered the most scope for customization to meet our specific requirements,” says Melanie Wells, Support Engineer Language Technology, SAP AG.

Developed at the German Research Center for AI, the company’s software produces impactful writing outcomes in several languages such as English, German, French, Swedish, Chinese, and Japanese. Forging ahead, Acrolinx plans on providing a vast range of solutions—from AI, analytics, and new language capabilities to ubiquitous authoring integrations. The company is also introducing a new corporate identity that aligns with their vision for serving enterprise customers.