Robin8: Connecting Advertisers with Key Influencers for Enhanced ROI

Hassan Miah, Chief Strategy Officer  & Co-founder, Robin8Hassan Miah, Chief Strategy Officer & Co-founder
For the rapidly evolving business, the mantra of success is not just about developing quality products but also promoting it to the target audience through content marketing. “Given the overload of information, biggest challenge for marketers is to target the most relevant people at right time,” observes Hassan Miah, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) and Co-founder at Robin8. Headquartered in New York, Robin8 uses machine learning and big data-driven predictions to profile the best people to use for content marketing. Through Artificial Intelligence (AI), the company constantly tracks and analyzes data from the billions of articles that are released every day to create the ultimate curated database of influencers, the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), to do social and content marketing based on information of highest interest to them and their circle of contacts. The AI will continue to get smarter on the value of KOL and be able to score the influence value of everyone. “By understanding the nuances behind every influencer and their interests, we simplify the social and content marketing,” says Miah.

Robin8 starts with the premise that everyone has influence, or is a KOL, and have interests that are unique and can be valuable to marketers. The more Robin8 knows about a person, the better it can profile their influence value and help them manage opportunity based on their interests. For an advertiser, “the more content we have about them, the better we can match their efforts using influencers that will get results because the message fits the interests of the audience,” says Miah. “This will result in the high ROI to advertiser, can make money for KOLs and allows everyone to participate in projects based on their interests,” he adds.

Robin8 content marketing platform uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) and proprietary ranking technology to read the internet, locate and categorize topics, summarize up the articles, and most importantly profile the authors.

By understanding the nuances behind every influencer and their interests, we simplify social and content marketing

“NLP helps to understand content far beyond key word search and matches purpose, context and relationship of a piece of content to other content,” extols Miah. Robin8 does this by creating a taxonomy, or categorization methodology, that helps the machine understand the content relevance and relative value to a target audience. “We then have the computer produce results against training data, which can easily be read by an expert,” says Miah. “We continue to train the computer until it provides results comparable to the expert, once that level is reached, we can scale the NLP to read millions of pieces of content,” illustrates Miah.

Robin8 has a culture attuned to understand and anticipate client’s needs. For instance, one of their clients, a global luxury car brand wanted to find KOLs that had interest in high end cars and could share the value of their product. Robin8 deployed their technology to find the type of KOLs who were known to be car enthusiasts. “By using Robin8, the client achieved over 250,000 highly targeted page views, 1400 likes and over 5000 shares that resulted in better brand performance and customer interest than other methods,” beams Miah. Robin8 achieved a similar result when deployed by a leading investment firm seeking to attract top companies and entrepreneurs.

For the future, the company aims at making bulk of content available to everyone followed by adding audio and video intelligence. “The intelligence of Internet of Things (IoT) can be analyzed to provide a complete understanding of influence and relevance based on all types of content, location and buying patterns in the environment,” says Miah. “We already have the basic proprietary algorithms to achieve these results and will be adding the advanced technology to make it a market reality in coming product releases,” concludes Miah.