PulsePoint: Unified Platform for Better Brand Engagement

Sloan Gaon, CEO, PulsePointSloan Gaon, CEO
Marketers today understand the importance of evaluating campaigns for both brand impact and tangible performance goals. While content marketing has helped brands to create one-to-one engagements with audiences, scaling it has been a challenge. Furthermore, brands are struggling to take advantage of the various aspects of this new world digital media marketing—from curation, discovery and measurement. Advances in the advertising technology, especially programmatic technology has helped publishers and advertisers to overcome the problem by placing the right con-tent in front of the intended consumers at the right time. PulsePoint, the New York based advertising technology firm, infuses the efficiency of programmatic targeting, distribution and optimization with the engagement of content marketing to help brands engage with right customers. “We’re leveraging our long-standing expertise in content marketing sector to provide clients with a unified platform that can help them engage with their target audience efficiently,” says Sloan Gaon, CEO, PulsePoint.

With two core flagship solutions-programmatic and content marketing platform, PulsePoint helps advertisers and marketers to captivate consumers and create real engagement. Its content marketing platform offers brands a single podium to efficiently target, distribute and optimize branded articles and videos to the right audience at an unprecedented scale. The platform leverages PulsePoint’s global programmatic technology to process real-time contextual, audience, editorial and page-level behavioral data and optimizes cross-device campaign delivery across social, native and display inventory. This platform benefits marketers and advertisers by representing their ad content to the target audience across any screen with proprietary contextual and audience targeting technology. It ensures efficient distribution of ad content across social media channels, native platforms and premium websites at global scale.

PulsePoint helps advertisers and marketers to captivate consumers and create real engagement

PulsePoint also closely monitors and adjusts marketing campaign’s content, formats and channels to maximize performance and ROI. The content marketing platform additionally helps in custom content creation and strategy services for brands seeking help in developing unique story ideas and videos.

Not only helping companies in getting consumer engagement, PulsePoint’s content marketing platform also assists them in measuring their ad campaign performance. “Performance is measured through metrics like user time on page, scroll time, clicks, scroll depth, social shares and video plays,” says Gaon. “Marketers are shifting the definition of success from ‘getting the click’ towards creating a continuous value exchange between their brand and their audience. We’re enabling them to drive more meaningful engagement and ROI, whether be it through an advertisement or a piece of branded content,” he extols.

PulsePoint’s content marketing platform is leveraged by many marketers which include leaders like, Columbia Sportswear Company and TaylorMade Golf, who were among the first to leverage the platform to amplify content marketing efforts. In this context, TaylorMade Golf, a subsidiary of the Adidas Group, experienced an exponential benefit from PulsePoint. “We saw a 95 percent increase in video views since the start of our campaign as well as a 68 percent higher scroll depth versus the current industry benchmark,” says Ryan Lauder, Director of Digital Strategy at TaylorMade Golf.

According to Gaon, PulsePoint’s technology difference lies in its integrated contextualizer, which enables the company to categorize a webpage in real-time. Recently PulsePoint has launched a new header-bidding solution along with enhanced analytics tools which is designed to boost publishers’ revenue and yield. Moving ahead, the company will continue to enhance their marketing platforms for growing its base of Fortune 500 clients.