Percussion Software: Simple Solution for Managing Websites

Mark Somol, President & COO, Percussion SoftwareMark Somol, President & COO
In today’s world, producing effective and engaging content is one of the top challenges faced by marketers. This complexity is further compounded by the need to frequently update and manage websites and brands’ digital presence. Addressing these challenges is a firm, Percussion Software that delivers a Content Management System (CMS) to assist companies and brands to augment business, measure the impact of digital content, and improve SEO. “We believe anyone should be able to create, update, and manage websites that look great on any device, engage and delight visitors, and help drive business growth,” remarks Mark Somol, President and COO of Percussion Software. To facilitate users to master web content management, the firm’s CMS is equipped with intuitive editing tools, user friendly interface, and responsive mobile templates.

Headquartered in Woburn, MA, Percussion Software offers Percussion CMS (CM1) that allows its users to control the website according to their requirements. “Percussion CMS gives marketers ownership of the website to make their content marketing efforts more effective,” says Somol. Furthermore, the organizations can leverage this enterprise-grade web content management with minimal training.

Besides assisting the marketers in development of website, Percussion CMS provides SEO tool to ana-lyze the web traffic. “Marketers can view content performance and visitor engagement, audit their website content, and quickly address any SEO issues,” asserts Somol. The company’s web content management development platform, Rhythmyx, proffers a wide array of applications for the organizations with internal development team to help manage content infrastructure. Additionally, Rhythmyx opens the gate for enterprises to build and integrate other web applications without any restriction.

Additionally, Percussion’s Nortix, a data integration engine provides a comprehensive set of integration features that are crucial for marketers’ advancement in this space.

We believe anyone should be able to create, update, and manage websites that look great on any device, engage and delight visitors, and help drive business growth

Nortix delivers data from more than 50 enterprise sources and updates to Lotus Domino in batch or in real-time. Furthermore, the firm has introduced PowerFlow and ServerAdmin Plus as the supporting solutions to allow easy and effective workflow, and communicate with other Lotus Domino clients respectively.

In one instance, Norfolk State University (NSU) initially had eight websites that were managed by a small web team and subcontractors. As the demand from students in the university increased, the number of websites also rose up to 200. This became a challenge for NSU to manage these many websites with a small team. Also, the university scattered the management of websites among content creators who used traditional methods to update the websites. As a result, the managers began to abandon websites when they were unable to perform cumbersome technical operations. The client decided to onboard Percussion’s tailored training and assistance to manage all their websites under NSU as well as comprehensively manage daily updates. “Percussion CMS met all of our requirements with the ability to manage multiple sites, countless users, and provide an environment where day-to-day content management is entirely code free,” explains Debbie Jones, Norfolk State University Webmaster.

In the days to come, Percussion Software plans to revise Rythmyx’s platform, java applet technology, as the java based applications are fading away with time. Further, the firm will continue to release regular updates for all the software solutions it provides in order to deliver best-in-class solutions in web content management landscape.