Episerver: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing Strategies

James Norwood, CMO & EVP, EpiserverJames Norwood, CMO & EVP
Organizations are rapidly adopting new methods and strategies pertaining to content marketing in order to grab the attention of their potential customers and increase their sales. The emerging trends in the content marketing space have escalated the demand for a cohesive platform that not only helps in managing content with ease but also delivers a hassle-free e-commerce experience. Working towards fulfilling this demand is Nashua, NH based Episerver. The company offers amalgamation of content, commerce and multi channel marketing in a single platform that works right from the beginning of the online business lifecycle.

Episerver’s Digital Experience end-to-end Cloud platform creates, manages, and optimizes digital experiences offering seamless integration with other cloud services or existing systems of enterprises. “We believe the seamless nature of our Digital Experience Cloud is essential to providing rich, relevant, and contextual digital experiences,” says James Norwood, CMO and EVP of Strategy for Episerver. Backed by application level SLA, the platform ensures optimal performance through a content delivery network. It provides flexibility and choice of deployment and ownership to its users. The platform’s Digital Experience Hub enables marketers to customize their visitor experiences with a 360-degree view of the customers and information on every digital experience. Further, Episerver Add-ons allow users to access a collection of certified new functions and tools, with minimum configuration. Additionally, the latest release of Digital Experience Cloud platform offers updated developer APIs for digital commerce and en-hanced Commerce Campaign feature.

The firm vests its focus on making digital engagement strategies with unique experiences. Its ability to empower organizations with agile marketing, B2B digital commerce, and digital transformation strategies has helped the firm carve a niche in the market.

We believe the seamless nature of our Digital Experience Cloud is essential to providing rich, relevant, and contextual digital experiences

While its agile marketing strategy allows users to distribute the right content to channels at the right time, the B2B digital commerce platform enables clients to boost sales while increasing convenience for customers. The digital transformation that the firm calls ‘standout digital engagement’ enables clients to increase their webpage views and engagement by delivering rewarding customer experiences.

The company has garnered a number of esteemed clients including Hallmark Cards, Jazz Aviation, and C&H Distributors. Pizza Hut Restaurants’ experience with Episerver is a testament to the firm’s services. As a chain of restaurants serving Italian-American cuisine across the globe, Pizza Hut required a new website that could support their business requirements and provide its customers enhanced experience. Episerver partner Amaze delivered a refurbished website, built on Episerver 7 CMS, designed to be fully responsive and accessible on all devices offering personalized content. The new website allows the restaurant chain to synchronize their systems with a new booking engine, provide in store information directly on the site and empowers customers to interact with the brand and the site in a much easier fashion. “The new website has captured the very essence of our approach to casual dining and translated the importance of locality into a clever and very personal user journey,” explains Kathryn Austin, Marketing Director, Pizza Hut Restaurants.

Among the company’s recent achievements, is its debut in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce owing to its ability to generate incremental revenue and transformational business change. “At Episerver, we have reason to be optimistic, not just because of our hard work but because of the recognition we are now receiving as a result,” concludes Norwood. For the road ahead, the company will aim to achieve new heights in the digital marketing and customer engagement arena.